kids' room design
If you have children in your household, you may be looking for ways to upgrade their bedroom. While it is often fun to think about the creative elements in kids’ room design, it’s also just as important to consider function. After all, what good is a room that only serves a child for a couple of months? Here are a few considerations with kids’ room design that may be helpful:

  1. Dimensions – The first thing you’ll want to do to aid in kids’ room design is to take measurements of the room and any furniture going into it. You then may also want to see how furniture with different dimensions will work for the future. For example, if you are decorating a kid’s room, you may want to check how the layout would be affected in future when upgrading the furniture from a child’s set to a teen set. On that note, avoid buying twin beds, as they are only ever used for a short period of time before the child wants to upgrade to a queen. If the room is big enough, it may be an idea to transition directly from a crib to a queen size bed.
  2. Crazes & Phases – As children grow up, their tastes evolve and their interests change, so they may not want to have the same kids’ room design as they did a couple of years previous. It is worth remembering this when buying any big-ticket items or making any drastic decorating decisions. For example, if your little girl is currently obsessed with Cinderella, perhaps refrain from buying a princess carriage bed that she will outgrow and instead purchase replaceable low-ticket items to incorporate princesses, like bedding or accessories.
  3. Get Them Involved – It is important to allow children to help with the process of redesigning their bedrooms. It is an opportunity for them to express themselves creatively, but it’s also an opportunity for you to work together on a project with them. There may be instances that will require the parent/guardian to think outside the box to translate the child’s vision of their room design. Using the example above, if the little girl who loves princesses wants to do her whole room in princess wallpaper, perhaps consider removable wall stickers as a way of compromising.

If you are having trouble balancing function and style in your kid’s room design, you can always reach out to me at Samantha Humphreys Studio. I would be glad to help you address your kids’ room design challenges. I look forward to creating a room that your child will enjoy!