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Project 9 - Newly designed country living room
Project 9 - Newly designed country living room with paintings of dogs on the wall
Project 9 - Newly designed country living room with net of tables being in the main spot in the room

Project 9 was one of my favorite clients to date and I had such a good time transforming their living room with them. This particular project was in an old traditional farmhouse near my hometown in the UK. The couple I was working for had just moved into the husband’s old family home, effectively swapping houses with his parents. The living room, along with most of the rooms in the house, were as they were during his childhood; very traditional and perhaps a little old fashioned for their own home.

For this living room, the wife of the couple had already ordered curtains to be made, so had a sample for me to use as a starting point. They also wanted to keep their couch and armchair. After our initial consultation I put together a mood board to show my ideas and give my clients an insight into how their living room could look. In addition I also gave the couple a shopping list with all the items I suggested to put in the room along with a room layout so they knew where to position everything. From paint colors, to wallpaper, to carpet, to furniture and lighting.

My clients were happy to purchase the items themselves and organize their own tradespeople as they had previous contacts. We arranged for me to make one additional visit once they had the bulk of the items in, to come and style the room and put any finishing touches to it. I came in for a couple of hours to pull the room together, using any decorative items I could find around their house (yes, I had been given permission to do this!) and going out to buy any additional items (with my clients budget at the forefront of my mind) to complete the room.

I was so pleased with the end result of this project. The farmhouse country look was such a fun theme to work with and my clients were just so easy going and a joy to work with.


Project 9 | living room with nest of tables being main part | Samantha Humphreys
Project 9 | living room with paintings drawing in eyes | Samantha Humphreys
Project 9 | living room | Samantha Humphreys
Project 9 | living room | Samantha Humphreys
Project 9 | living room brown sofa | Samantha Humphreys



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